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Its funny how back in April I was all gay and in love. And now I am all lame and feel like a P.O.S. Well danny and I were over in like May or something. I hate him. He's a piece of crap. I started seeing people here and there and then there was one particular person of whom I started seeing on a constant basis. I am still seeing him, but not as much as I was. But whatever. I'll finish later.

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August 15 2005, 16:53:08 UTC 11 years ago

Hey, I noticed your awesome taste in music.

There's a relatively new forum, which is all about international and local artists. It features, Rock - Alternative, Punk, Indie etc and also Metal, Hard rock, Acoustic and all other genres.

Come and check it out, and even register so you can have your say on your favourite bands and artists.