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Jeez...well, here's the skinny. Danny and I say the three words...that's right I-Love-You. I do love him too. No Joke. I've never felt this way about anyone. But its real with him. we're planning on getting an apartment together too. I know its soon seeing as how we've only been seeing eachother(Just seeing eachother, not even official yet) for like 3 months now. But I don't know. Also, I have started a new job. I quit Johnson fucked Fire Supply on Monday, April 12 and started at Rite-A-Way Plumbing Services on Tuesday, April 13. I like my new job. I make more, and I like the people I work with. They're all pretty tight. But yea, that's the jist of my life up to date. Me and danny went to Disneyland in March...we had a blast. Especially because we got in for free. Free parking, everything...thanks to my cousin Kirstin. She's rad, and not just because she got us in. Anyway, I just wanted to update everyone.
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