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Downtown Disney in the Rain...

So yesterday at 4:15 my cell phone starts vibrating and its Danny asking me what I am doing when I get home from work(I get off at 4:30). I told him that I was going to go home and do nothing; so he asked me if I wanted to go to the movies and I accepted. Then he offered to pick me up from work. So at about 4:35-ish he shows up and he's like "Well, what movies do you want to go to?" So he decided to go somewhere far. He gets on the 91 west freeway and do you know where he took me?? Downtown Disney. It was so awesome. So we went into the Confectionary store and he got some fudge and bought me a rice krispy square. And then we went and played at the Lego Store. He offered to buy me a stuffed Giraffe, but I didn't want him to. I mean, yeah I wanted one, but I wasn't about to make him pay for it. So then he bought me two candles for my room. Then it was time for the Movie. We went and saw You Got Served. Pretty good. I thought it would be way more lame than it was. I cried, because I am a sissy. Anyway, so by the time we got out, it was like pouring down rain, we both got soaked. It was a lot of fun. I don't know if we're doing it again today...but I hope we do soon.
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