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She's kind of like Alice in Wonderland..

Except in this story, she's imposing on Dinner, not a tea party.

So let me tell you about dinner on Friday night. Well, it all started when(We'll call him RL and his friend we'll call Corey)RL and Corey came and picked me up. It was raining like crazy and we were going to go eat at the old spaghetti factory. So when they pulled up to my house, Corey got out and gave me the front seat...I thought that was really nice of him...Anyway..So I had been telling RL of this friend of mine who works there and how she is a little easy(easy being an understatement)...We call her the "Promiscuous One", but for now, she will be known as "Horse Face". Well, I knew Corey would think she was good-looking, but I never thought that RL, being as smart as he is, would think the same. But he did. So after we got our food, Horse Face came and sat with us and at one point RL and Corey had gone to the men's Room. Well, Horse Face was saying how she thought Corey was a dork, but she thought he was funny. Well, I made the mistake of telling her that he thought she was cute. And then she made the mistake of telling me that she thought that RL was cute, seeing as how she knows that I like him. Anyway, So like we walked her to her car and like we were chilling there FOR EVER!! And she was like all over Corey and she FUCKEN TRIED TO FART ON HIS LAP!!! And she burped when we were at the table. And she would say such slutty comments as, for example, when we told Corey to walk her to her car but he didn't want to because she has a boyfriend she said: "Since when did me having a boyfriend Matter?". So anyway, while RL, Corey, and I were walking back to RL's car, and RL said something like "All I have to say to you, is damn you" to Corey and I asked what he was talking about. Well, he just told me nothing, and stuff. SO then Corey put his arm around me and was like telling me that RL was hoping to hook up with someone and whatnot or something along those lines. So that hurt my feelings like immensly. It made me feel like I had to be slutty and like a pig for them to like and respect me. So, anyway, then on the ride back to the bowling alley so I could meet my mom, I was just like really really quiet and had my head down on the glove compartment and Corey was like playing with my hair and asking me if I was tired. I kept telling them I wasn't. So then when we got to the bowling alley, they went in with me just until we left. Well I was still being extremely silent and RL asked me what was wrong..I kept telling them nothing was wrong with me, but they insisted that they could tell in my eyes that something was bothering me. So then I told them to tell me what was wrong if they think they could tell. So then Corey looked at me, quickly glanced at RL, and then back at me. I just smiled, tapped my nose, and nodded. So yeah, I walked them out and hugged both of them, and that was basically it. So after that, I have kind of changed my feeling towards RL. I think that I am just going to try to get over him. It will take time, but I would rather be a good friend of his than stressing over my feelings for him. But yeah, that was my drama-filled Friday.
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